We Provide Remarkable Services!

At Irasha Private Limited, we pioneer a tailored and customer-driven approach through our blended expertise in international business and distribution services that focuses on connecting our business partners with potential and vibrant markets in the African Continent, Middle East Region, South-East Asia, and the SAARC Region business landscapes.

Our Success Stories (Achievements)

Irasha Private Limited's work ethics and cultural integrity have drawn in a wide spectrum of potential clientele. Developing relationships with business clients who are looking to expand their businesses in the global market has given us the chance to offer specialized and optimal business solutions.

Connecting Globally: Our Milestones

In a short span of 1.5 years as an overseas marketing partner, we are proud to have built connections with 30 channel development partners, while simultaneously progressing negotiations on 13 Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with new channel development partners.

What IRASHA is Offering

Connecting Continents, Nurturing Success

In a timeline that is defined by tough competition and an evolving international business landscape, businesses are caught with a wide range of challenges spanning from strategic growth initiatives to traversing intricate global rules and regulations.

Irasha Private Limited shines as a gateway of hope, catering diverse scope of services that are wisely customized to align and empower businesses for expansion and success in the international market.

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